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In Mexico, DSF and its partner Population Communication, filmed extensively for "No Vacancy". In candid interviews with a rural midwife in Hidalgo State, with the General Director of MEXFAM, the Director General for Reproductive Health, the Secretary General of CONEPO, and many others, we were able to chronicle the remarkable strides taken in family planning and safe motherhood education and practice throughout Mexico. The Mexican Family-Planning Association (MEXFAM) has reached out to the poorest sector, while also providing counseling for young people entering their childbearing years.

In the early 1970s, Mexico constitutionally endorsed a woman's reproductive rights and the country today reveals a portrait of remarkably enlightened leadership with respect to family planning issues. Such knowledge and experience dramatically impacts the demographic profile for this country of roughly 107 million people, with its lifetime total fertility rate of 2.4. Such statistics translate into a much diminished ecological footprint.

El Consejo Nacional de Poblaci├│n (CONAPO)

Secretaria de Salud

Institute Mexicano Del Seguro Social

The Mexican Family Planning Association (MEXFAM)

UNFPA Mexico