"Book Review Sanctuary"
Eco-Tips Magazine
December 2008
By Midwest Book Review

An Awareness of environmental issues is now universal throughout first world and third world countries around the globe. That awareness of the diversity, beauty, and utility of what we humans must rescue, preserve and protect has now been beautifully and dramatically illustrated through the publication of "Sanctuary: Global Oases of Innocence". The collaborative work of Michael Tobias (President of the Dancing Star Foundation, a non-profit organization to global diversity conservation, animal protection, and environmental education) and Jane Gray Morrison (The Executive Vice President of the Dancing Star Foundation, "Sanctuary" is a 338-pages compendium of full color photography showcasing twenty-four sanctuaries located throughout twenty different countries. Some of them are in private lands, others are public preserves, all of them are presented with an informed or informative text of description and explanation. Along with stunningly beautiful images of the flora and fauna. "Sanctuary" is seminal and superbly produced volume of work that is enthusiastically recommended for personal, academic , and community library Environmental Studies and Photographic Studies collection and supplemental reading lists.

By: Michael Tobias & Jane Gray Morrison
Council Oak Books Ltd.
2105 East 15th Street, Suite B, Tulsa, OK 74104
ISBN: 9781571782144, $60.00