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Central and Southern California

Working with wildlife biologist Sayre Flannagan of the Ventana Wildlife Society, DSF recorded over a dozen California condors in Big Sur. The condor is the largest bird in North America whose rescue - from the brink of extinction - constitutes one of the great conservation success stories of any Endangered species in North America. The Ventana Wildlife Society does a fine job of helping to protect these birds, as well as educating the public, providing a strong platform for advocacy, and maintaining an ongoing biological study of the California condor. Today, the public can easily view this charismatic species from the roadside in Big Sur.

Sayre Flannagan,Ventana Wildlife Society

Carrizo Plain National Monument
The DSF "Hotspots" crew filmed at the Carrizo Plain National Monument in Central California, where the rare San Joaquin kit foxes, pronghorn antelopes, sandhill cranes, blunt-nosed leopard lizards, San Joaquin antelope squirrels and giant kangaroo rats, as well as unique alkaline salt flats and native floral species are found.

Carrizo Plain National Monument

Santa Monica Mountains Recreational Area
In the Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area, working with Dr. Raymond M. Sauvajot, Supervisory Ecologist with the National Park Service and his colleagues Dr. Seth Riley and others, DSF endeavored to portray the story of the last remaining mountain lions attempting to live in the 300,000 acre area; and the urgent need to provide connectivity between the diverse but severely constricted habitats for mountain lion populations throughout Southern California.

Dr. Ray Sauvajot and Dr. Seth Riley, U.S. National Parks Service, Santa Monica
Mountains Recreation Area