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Other U.S.-Based Endeavors

DSF sponsors and takes part in lectures, symposia, screenings and museum and university collaborations throughout the United States, particularly in its home state of California, where it has a particularly significant commitment. (See Archives, and Recent and Upcoming Events.)

At the invitation of Loyola Marymount University, the Foundation created its first Annual DSF Lecture over the course of a weekend at LMU for student credit. DSF has given innumerable radio, TV and press interviews and lecture presentations, as well as screenings of its three recent feature films throughout the state.

In the case of "No Vacancy" location shooting throughout the greater Los Angeles County and the Bay Area, as well as at Stanford University, coincided with some exciting work with the Planned Parenthood Group of Pasadena. "No Vacancy" was also filmed throughout New York and Washington, D.C., and in many foreign countries.

"Mad Cowboy" was filmed extensively in Montana, where interviews with ranchers and farmers throughout the state provided a window on agricultural issues in the United States.

Other filming for that production took place in Wisconsin with the State Natural Resources Division, as well as in Washington, New York and Pennsylvania; and in England, Scotland and Switzerland.

For "Hotspots", critical filming was done at the Conservation International Headquarters in Washington, D.C., with the bulk of domestic filming done in numerous locations throughout the California "hotspot".