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Mad Cowboy (View Trailer)
A Dancing Star Foundation Production
In Association with Voice for a Viable Future

Mad Cowboy is a deeply emotional odyssey that follows the life of Howard Lyman, a 4th generation Montana cattle rancher, turned vegan. He left the family farm, ran for Congress and devotes his life to agricultural and animal rights reforms. Lyman was one of the first whistle-blowers to bring Mad Cow Disease to the attention of the public. With new cases of BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) occurring and countries on the lookout for any number of feared global pandemics, like avian flu, the reality of species barriers breaking down and transmissible diseases between species gaining public attention has reached a near fever pitch, from China to Southeast Asia; from the New World tropics, to Africa. In the U.S., outbreaks of various ailments resulting from contaminated animal by-products has resulted in the recall of billions of dollars worth of meat. Ironically, from an animal protection point of view, the animals, slaughtered as a result of suspected contamination by one pathogen or another, were doomed to be slaughtered anyway. Mad Cowboy poignantly evokes that reality, while clearly stating that the circle of compassion must expand to include all creatures great and small.

Filmed throughout the U.S., U.K. and Switzerland, Mad Cowboy is a powerful examination of humanity's relationship to farm animals and a sobering wake-up call regarding public health issues. At the film's core is a critical message of love and non-violence.

PDF FILE: Some of the Interviewees and those Featured in Mad Cowboy

This film premiered in May 2006 on KQED/San Francisco and on NETA throughout the U.S.
It is distributed worldwide by Zia Films.

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Won Best Socially Conscious Award
Burbank International Film Festival, March 22-29, 2009

Won Best Feature - Animal Awareness
Artivist Film Festival
Los Angeles, California, October 2006