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Bionomics in the Dragon Kingdom - Kuensel Online

"Bhutan Is One Of The Few Remaining Countries With A Degree Of Human Innocence: Michael C.Tobias," – Daily Bhutan

“The Biological Bottom-Line” – By Paul R. Ehrlich and Michael Charles Tobias – Population Media Center

Summer Reading: Great Books for Birders and Nature Lovers... – Audubon

‎For the Love of Birds – Eco News Network

Suggested Manifesto for 2015 U.N. Climate Talks – Eco News Network

The Most Pressing Environmental Concerns Today – The Huffington Post

Hope On Earth? – EcoShock Radio

Ecotopia on KZFR - Welcome to Ecotopia KZFR
Hope On Earth, Eco#278 – Ecotopia KZFR 90.1 Radio

Interview With Michael Tobias, Ecologist, Author, Filmmaker, and President of the Dancing Star Foundation – KKRN 88.5 Radio

Listen to KWMR Post Carbon Radio; 90.5 FM - Point Reyes & 89.9 FM Bolinas
Streaming live at: Archived at:

Hope in Earth – How on Earth - The KGNU Science Show

Portsmouth Community Radio Wish List – Portsmouth Community Radio

Hope on Earth by Paul E. Ehrlich & Michael Charles Tobias – Tweed's Magazine

Hope on Earth: A conversation between environmental scientist Paul R. Ehrlich and Michael Charles Tobias – Stanford University

Hope on Earth: A Conversation – Washington Independent Review of Books

Dr. Paul R. Ehrlich and Michael Charles Tobias discuss their new book, Hope on Earth: A Conversation – KDHX Radio 88.1

Hope on Earth – Booklist Online

Books in Brief – Nature: International Weekly Journal of Science

Conversations with Lizz Sommars – The Wolf Radio 100.7

Michael Tobias on KKRN’s Unspun – Doug Craig: Climate of Change

A Radio Interview with Michael Tobias. A recent DG Networks/Universal One, 90-minute British radio interview with Michael Tobias:

"The Ahimsa Factor," an eye-opening essay by Dr. Michael Charles Tobias and Jane Gray Morrison, newly published in the Russian, internationally peer-reviewed "Journal of Globalization, devoted to the Second World Cultural Forum (May 9, 2013, Hangzhou, China), pp. 11-22, and page 191.

A Conversation With Jane Goodall

Ecuador realiza campañas internacionales para crear conciencia sobre el Yasuní

I Am Yasuni

Unique program to leave oil beneath Amazonian paradise raises $300 million

Con un documental se promocionará al Yasuní en Brasil


Yasuní-ITT will be Promoted in Brazil

Cineasta Michael Tobías filmará reserva Yasuní-ITT

La iniciativa Yasuní-ITT se presentará, a escala internacional, en un documental

Yasuní-ITT - Facebook page

Will humans save Earth? (a review of the recently published Terrestrial Gospel of Nikos Kazantzakis)
The Hellenic Voice

Jain economist Dr. Atul Shah meets with Dr. Michael Tobias
“A Borderless Mind
Diverse Ethics

Atul Shah Interviews Artist And Ecologist Dr. Michael Tobias About The Fundamental Nature Of Leadership | PDF – Diverse Ethics

The Race Against Extinction | PDF – 2Magazine

The Last Ecological Frontier | PDF – Eco-Tips Magazine

Hotspots: A Stunning New Documentary | PDF – Epublishers Weekly

Maungatautari Ratesplace on Global Map | PDF – Waikato Times

Film Calls for Conservation of Life in Biological Hot Spots | PDF – Daily Bruin

Straight Talk from a Former Cattleman | PDF – Satya

Man's Erosion of Earth in Focus | PDF – Daily Breeze

Book Review Sanctuary | PDF – Eco-Tips Magazine

Sanctuary by Michael Tobias & Jane Morrison – Epublishers Weekly

Endangered Species – Santa Barbara Independent

Biophilia, anyone? – The Southland Times

Cameras Roll on Maungatautari – Waikato Times

FDI Proposal to Grow Hazelnut in Bhutan – Ministry of Agriculture

Mad Cowboy – KQED

Mad Cowboy: the Documentary – Vegetarians in Paradise

'Mad Cowboy' Wins Artivist Film Festival Best Feature Award – Business Wire

Mad Cowboy Reveals Environmental Truth about Meat –

Leading Environmentalist Presents Special screening of Hotspots at Auckland Museum – Auckland Museum

Endangered Species: Flora and Fauna in Peril – Wildling Art Museum

The Sacredness of All Living Beings – Michael K. Pastore

An Advanced Screening of Hotspots – Birds & More

Mad Cowboy Documentary – Sacha Vais, editor of

Happiness and Hazelnuts

FDI proposal to grow hazelnut in Bhutan