Recent Films

Directed and Written by Michael Tobias
Produced by Jane Gray Morrison with Satre Communications, for the Yasuní-ITT Initiative

Dancing Star Foundation has been working for some time with the Ecuadorian Government to Write, Direct and Co-Produce a short 21 minute film, "Yasuní – A Meditation on Life," which premiered at the Rio+20 Summit in mid-June, 2012; it was screened most recently at the IUCN World Conservation Congress at Jeju, Korea.

Dr. Tobias and Ms. Morrison traveled to Yasuní National Park with Ecuadorian film crews and the Ecuadorian Secretary of State for Yasuní – ITT, Dr. Ivonne Baki, to help champion the cause of preserving the millions of acres of critical habitat Yasuní embodies. In fact, this remote northwestern Amazonian region – now seriously under threat – is viewed by scientists worldwide as one of the most biologically-critical and species abundant areas on Earth – as well as one of the last places in the neotropics with un-contacted indigenous cultures.

Please click on the link that follows to enjoy this 21-minute, visually lush, film which affords an intimate view of one of the true remaining jewels of the Amazon, Yasuní National Park.